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About Anthracite Fuel

Red Flame Anthracite Fuel

Red flame anthracite fuel is an excellent option for your coal fuel needs. It is a low ash coal and produces consistently very high temperatures. It can give off an intense, high heat and has a long burn time meaning that just a small amount will last through the night to keep an average sized family home warm even in the coldest winter nights. Red flame anthracite fuel is only really suitable for closed appliances such as heaters, boilers or multi-fuel stoves, but as a naturally smokeless coal, our red flame anthracite fuel can be used in designated smokeless zones without any issues at all.

Chemically, anthracite of any kind has properties similar to both bituminous coal and graphite, as it is an intermittent stage between the two, meaning it is a very pure form of coal. It looks quite distinct from other kinds of coal with a more metallic than purely black matt appearance more commonly associated with regular house coal. Because of its purity and high carbon content, it can sometimes be a little difficult to set alight. However, it makes up for this slight inconvenience by being a very efficient fuel and is certainly worth the extra cost.

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Red Flame Anthracite Fuel

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