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Stafford Fuels Direct now know as Stafford Clarke was originally established in 1920 formally known as the Wicklow Corn Company which consisted of companies trading in Oil and Fuel. It also supplied Animal Feed, Fertilizer and Hardware materials to the South East area of the country. In 1970 the trading company’s were renamed Clarke Oil and Clarke Fuels Ltd. whose intent was to service the Dublin Wicklow and Wexford areas with Solid Fuel and Oil.

In the 1970’s Clarke Fuels Ltd bagged and distributed over 75000 tons of Coal per annum servicing householders in the south east when coal was the main source of heat in the home.

In 2004 Stafford Fuels Ltd. acquired Clarke Fuels and Clarke Oil. This would be Stafford Fuels first time to service the market directly to retail level. Through the loyal customer base that Clarke had built up Stafford Fuels Ltd. began to service the region bringing only quality Stafford Solid Fuel products to the market. In 2004 the company became known as Stafford Clarke Retail. The Clarke Oil division was set up under the Stafford Groups own established Oil brand Campus Oil.

To date the Stafford Clarke Retail name is still very much in existence; however as times move forward it has become apparent that Stafford Fuels Direct Ltd is a more preferable name as it states exactly what we do, we bring the Stafford Brand which stands for quality directly to your home.

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