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Kiln Dried Fire Logs Dublin

kiln dried hardwood logs dublin south and wicklow

Kiln Dried Fire Logs Dublin

Fire logs can mean genuine hardwood kiln dried logs for burning in your open fire or the more recently introduced “firelogs” made from compressed wood chippings.

This premium grade kiln dried firewood has the major advantages that it is easy to light, produces very little ash, has a high heat output and is environmentally friendly. It will also produce a minimum amount of soot and tar in your chimney. Kiln dried means that it contains 20% less moisture than other kinds of firewood, making it incredibly easy to light.

Since the Kiln Dried wood is much cleaner than the seasoned wood, they are easier to ignite, easier to store and there is much less chance to choke up your chimney with deposits. Also, the kiln dried wood low moisture content means they are lighter and easier to carry.

Benefits of Kiln Dried Fire Logs

Long story short, Kiln Dried Firelogs are easy to ignite and produce hot, aromatic fire that lasts. They are recommended to use in a multi stoves, fireplaces, open fires or any other wood burning appliance. Because of their high heat output compared to seasoned wood, you’ll use much less fire wood which in a long term mean you’ll save money.

Sold in bags of ready chopped pieces of firewood, this product is easy to store and requires no preparation to use to start your fire. It is ideal for use in both open fires and closed appliances such as heaters, boilers or multi-fuel stoves.

Whatever combination of solid fuels you may use in your open fire, always having a stock of kiln dried firewood to hand adds great character and warmth to any hearth!

Kiln Dried Logs

kiln dried hardwood logs dublin south and wicklow

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