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Hardwood Logs Dublin Delivery

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs Dublin South & Wicklow

Hardwood refers specifically to wood that comes from trees that reproduce by flowers and have broad leaves, and which are usually deciduous (that is, not evergreen). When chopped, hardwood logs display pores in the grain, which is the most distinguishing feature of hardwood as compared to softwood. Hardwood logs are an ideal form of fuel for your open fire as well as for closed appliances such as heaters, boilers or multi-fuel stoves. At Stafford Clarke we have been providing premium grade hardwood logs in Dublin for decades and are committed to making the best products available that we can.

When compared with coal, the advantages of using hardwood logs are obvious: the natural smell is much more pleasant, they tend to produce very little ash from burning, they do not produce smoke and they will leave only a minimum of soot and tar in your chimney. Most noticeably, however, using hardwood logs as the main source of fuel for your fire is much more environmentally friendly than using coal, as it is a renewable resource. Since we at Stafford Clarke believe that it is important to be conscious of ones carbon footprint we always make every effort to source our wood in an environmentally friendly way that promotes sustainability.

Our hardwood logs Dublin south and Wicklow delivery routes cover most of the major towns – if you are uncertain of whether we can deliver to you, call us on 1850 336699.

Hardwood Logs Dublin South

Typically delivered in two days

kiln dried hardwood logs dublin south and wicklow